Our royalexpresslimocab., rail, air and cruise guided tours are a wonderful way to explore different cultures, cuisines, and ways of life, in addition to creating new friendships. From one-day excursions on our bus tours, weekend getaways by train, to traveling across America by boat or plane, our experienced bus tour guides will make the vacation of your dreams a memorable and pleasant experience. Our guided tours are not only affordable but also a once in a life time experience. Only a tour bus away from your dream destination, learn more about each city tour below and make sure to buy your ticket before they sell out!


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Shopping has never been easier! royalexpresslimocab offers convenient bus tours to popular outlets, malls and shopping centers, giving you more time to shop and less time planning and parking. What’re you waiting for? Hop on one of our bus tours and brace yourself to shop until you drop!

Royalexpresslimocab offers safe, reliable and convenient bus tours to many different music, art, and food festivals throughout the year. Treat yourself to a good time without the extra hassle. Our bus tours are the perfect way to get the festivities rolling..

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Looking to explore new cuisines? royalexpresslimocaboffers restaurant tour bus packages based on top restaurants in the area of your choice. Feast like a king and let royalexpresslimocab guided bus tour handle the rest. Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey to the restaurant on one of our very own tour buses.

Throughout North America, royalexpresslimocab offers safe, reliable and convenient bus tours to get you to and from multiple different sporting events. Say goodbye to hectic travel arrangements post events and rest assured as our tour buses will be awaiting your departure. Enjoy the game and enjoy your smooth ride back on a royalexpresslimocab  tour bus.

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